Our Wedding

I wanted to share my wedding with my viewers because it was such a labor of love and very DIY. As a designer this was a time for me to flourish with complete creative control (oh Justin was involved too). Me and my husband (Justin) were married on October 3rd, 2015 in Raleigh, NC at NC Center for Architecture and Design. We are both very stylish people and wanted our wedding to reflect that. We knew we would be paying for our own wedding so first thing first was the budget. Weddings are special days that will be remembered forever but at the same time it is just a day. We were not about to go in debt over a party! We thought outside the box for pretty much everything! My mom made my dress, I designed all stationary and signage, my bridesmaids and I made all floral arrangements/bouquets 2 night before the wedding, and the list goes on! We also followed the trend and had food trucks cater our reception, best decision ever, all our guest raved about the food and experience.


There are definitely some cons to planning your own wedding but we have the best friends and family in the world. Me and Justin couldn’t have asked for a better wedding day! Even with the torrential downpours and flooding that swept NC that weekend. Just our luck it did not rain during the wedding, the overcast gave us the most beautiful even toned photos!

Gioia_Justin_2 Gioia_Justin_3 Gioia_Justin_4 Gioia_Justin_5 Gioia_Justin_6 Gioia_Justin_7 Gioia_Justin_8 Gioia_Justin_9 Gioia_Justin_10 Gioia_Justin_11 Gioia_Justin_12Gioia_Justin_350 Gioia_Justin_13 Gioia_Justin_14 Gioia_Justin_15 Gioia_Justin_16 Gioia_Justin_17 Gioia_Justin_18 Gioia_Justin_19 Gioia_Justin_20 Gioia_Justin_21Gioia_Justin_306 Gioia_Justin_22 Gioia_Justin_23 Gioia_Justin_24 Gioia_Justin_25 Gioia_Justin_26 Gioia_Justin_27 Gioia_Justin_28 Gioia_Justin_29 Gioia_Justin_30 Gioia_Justin_31 Gioia_Justin_32 Gioia_Justin_33


photography: Chealsea Morgan Photography // venue: NC Center for Architecture and Design Raleigh, NC // event design + planning: Bride + Groom // florals: Bride + Bridesmaids // wedding dress: Bride’s Mother // bride’s shoes: ASOS // groom’s shoes: ASOS //  bridesmaid dresses: variety // hair + makeup: Bride // groom suit: Step N Style // paper goods: Gioia Leigh Creative (Bride) // food trucks: Only Burger & Bandito Burrito // cake: Sugar Euphoria // dessert table: Radiant Delights // music: iPod playlist


Roberts Wedding

In the first week of spring I had the pleasure of shooting my first wedding! I would like to thank my lovely cousin Nathan and his new wife Shereene for letting me capture such a special day! I had no idea how much work it took to shoot a wedding and tired isn’t even the word, but luckily my dad was my second shooter and he has more experience with weddings. He was able to lead in direction and I could capture the sweet moments. It was a wonderful wedding everyone was having such a good time, it was easy to capture that in the images. I am much more of a portrait photographer, I loved sneaking away with the bride and groom to get more intimate portraits of the two of them. Mooresville, NC is such a cute town and has a lot of cool shooting locations. We had so many pictures to go through after I was seeing them in my dreams! But in a way that was the fun part seeing which moments where captured and how beautiful the bride glowed. In all it was a great experience and defiantly open to doing more but not yet at a career change. Lol

Roberts-1 Roberts-2 Roberts-3Roberts-4a Roberts-4 Roberts-5 Roberts-6 Roberts-7 Roberts-8 Roberts-9 Roberts-10 Roberts-11 Roberts-12 Roberts-13 Roberts-15 Roberts-16 Roberts-17

Gioia and Justin

Well the perks of being a photographer is taking self portraits! Well in this case “us portraits”, tripods are life savers. We have been engaged for 5 months and just now getting around to taking some pictures. I like being able to take my own pictures because one it is free and second I can get exactly what I want. Downtown Raleigh provides a unique but also classic back drop for the stylish session. We both love our winter wardrobes and have a ton of coats so a winter photo-shoot was perfect for us, even though it was freezing. The real downside to shooting “us portraits” is having to fake candid moments but Justin thinks he is a model so he had no problem! We are both very fashion forward and live for the chance to get dressed up, so more pictures may be in the future!



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