Gioia and Justin

Well the perks of being a photographer is taking self portraits! Well in this case “us portraits”, tripods are life savers. We have been engaged for 5 months and just now getting around to taking some pictures. I like being able to take my own pictures because one it is free and second I can get exactly what I want. Downtown Raleigh provides a unique but also classic back drop for the stylish session.¬†We both love our winter wardrobes and have a ton of coats so a winter photo-shoot was perfect for us, even though it was freezing. The real downside to shooting “us portraits” is having to fake candid moments but Justin thinks he is a model so he had no problem! We are both very fashion forward and live for the chance to get dressed up, so more pictures may be in the future!



PC188936 PC188946 PC188949 PC188952 PC188960 PC188961 PC188968 PC188982

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