Honeymoon Part 1

Me and my husband had the pleasure of visiting Paris, the second week of November for the first part of our honeymoon. We asked our wedding guest to help us fund a trip overseas and we can not thank them enough, our trip was completely covered (both parts)! We spent 4 days in Paris and it is such a wonderful experience. We did as much as possible in 4 days from the time we stepped off the plane! The highlights of our visit were defiantly seeing the architecture of the city, going to a futbol game, the city at night, the Palace of Versailles, and really just enjoying our first big trip as a married couple. It just as romantic as it is in the movies.  I’m a city girl so I loved how easy it was to get around the city by all the subway lines. Luckily I am good with directions, can’t say that is Justin’s strong point lol. I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked, trying this new thing where I live in the moment! But these are a few of my favorites and I hope it gives you a good summary of the first half of our trip.


On our way back to the States we started receiving text and calls asking if we were okay. Me and Justin both confused, searched the web and were devastated to hear about the tourists attacks that were taking place. We were so fortunate not to be in the city during that time and pray for all the victims and families affected. It defiantly put a damper on the memories we had shared only a few days earlier. 

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