Honeymoon Part 2

On the second half of our honeymoon we took a trip down to the motherland. It was a 3 hour flight from Paris to Marrakech, Morocco. It is referred to as the red city, really the whole country is red. The clay is a staple point of the landscape. It was defiantly a completely different culture and experience from Paris. It was so fun walking the narrow streets of the city and seeing the variety of landscapes. The people were so nice and really took pride in their culture. We took an excursion 7 hours over the Atlas mountains into the dessert, to spend the night in a tent. I have never seen more stars or shooting stars at that. All in all I think it was a good experience and I took a few design inspirations from it!
DSC_6457DSC_6488DSC_6458morocco3 DSC_6475morocco5DSC_6479DSC_6500morocco2 DSC_6512IMG_6505 DSC_6515morocco4 DSC_6519 morocco1

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