Roberts Wedding

In the first week of spring I had the pleasure of shooting my first wedding! I would like to thank my lovely cousin Nathan and his new wife Shereene for letting me capture such a special day! I had no idea how much work it took to shoot a wedding and tired isn’t even the word, but luckily my dad was my second shooter and he has more experience with weddings. He was able to lead in direction and I could capture the sweet moments. It was a wonderful wedding everyone was having such a good time, it was easy to capture that in the images. I am much more of a portrait photographer, I loved sneaking away with the bride and groom to get more intimate portraits of the two of them. Mooresville, NC is such a cute town and has a lot of cool shooting locations. We had so many pictures to go through after I was seeing them in my dreams! But in a way that was the fun part seeing which moments where captured and how beautiful the bride glowed. In all it was a great experience and defiantly open to doing more but not yet at a career change. Lol

Roberts-1 Roberts-2 Roberts-3Roberts-4a Roberts-4 Roberts-5 Roberts-6 Roberts-7 Roberts-8 Roberts-9 Roberts-10 Roberts-11 Roberts-12 Roberts-13 Roberts-15 Roberts-16 Roberts-17

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